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How to arrange a Cuban Wedding. 

"Direct from the Cuban Marriage Agency of Cuba"

1. Single contracting parties are only required to present their identification document and visa authorizing their presence in the national territory.
2. In the event that one or both contracting parties were previously married, a marriage terminated regardless of the cause, the contracting party in this case shall accredit his/her legal status by presenting the following documents after prior legalization by the competent
authorities in his/her country of origin:
2.1 If one of the contracting parties is divorced:
• A birth or marriage certificate with a note indicating the dissolution of all marital ties entered under observations.
• Certification of the note of termination of all marital ties for inclusion in the birth certificate or marriage certificate.
• Marriage certificate legally acknowledging that the contracting parties were alive at the moment of the recognizance.
• Copy of the notarized divorce writ.
• Certified copy of the decree of divorce or divorce certificate.
Divorce decree or any other document issued by the foreign authorities, translated into Spanish and legalized by the Cuban consul or by a duly authorized consular functionary in the country where the document or copy was issued or a copy of the official registration of said documents
2.2 If you are a widow(er):
• Marriage certificate and death certificate of the late spouse.
• Copy of the official recognizance of the marriage, indicating its validly in the event that one of the spouses had already passed away at the moment of said recognizance.
2.3 If the previous marriage was annulled, the contracting party shall present an accrediting document of said annulment.
3. In the case of a minor, the latter is required to present the relevant authorization for the formalization of the marriage, in keeping with his/her legal status.
4. All the documents must be translated into Spanish and duly legalized at the Cuban Consulate
of the country where said documents were issued. 

Renewal of Marriage Vows In Cuba

Lindsy and Sean
Lindsy and Sean (Photo credit: Jeffery Simpson)
1. For authorization by a notary of the Record of Presence, the contracting parties are only required to present their identification document (passport) and visa authorizing the entry of said national into the national territory (visa number, date of entry and date of departure ).
2. Information related to the marriage shall be stated by the appearing parties (date and place of the marriage).

The requirements referenced above have been established by the relevant Cuban legislation and are therefore mandatory. Any requirement for additional documents other than those established by the authorities of the Republic of Cuba shall not be of our competence or responsibility. We recommend that clients consult the relevant authorities in their respective country of residence with sufficient time in advance about the requirements for the legalization and registration in said country of a Marriage Certificate issued by the Republic of Cuba.Direct from the Cuban Marriage Agency of Cuba
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