Romantic Wedding Night
Wedding Secrets For A Romantic Sexy Wedding In Cuba?
1. Pick the right Cuban Resort
 Many young honeymooners to Cuba think a hot sexy wedding night means jumping into bed right away but maybe you need to take a few minutes to look into each others eyes and remember  the magic of your wedding day  and how much you love each other. Your Cuban wedding goes by so fast that it's good it to take a few moments to remember. You should also to take a few minutes to set the scene. Bring along your favorite Cuban music, sweet smelling flowers, and even massage oil or other treats to make things especially romantic on your fist wedding night together with your true love..

2. Have Fun Playing Cuban Games With Each Other On your honeymoon?

Speaking of jumping into bed on your wedding night, you might be worried about that first few moments of sex especially if you're a virgin and full of questions and nervousness. If you're not a virgin, or sex expert,  you might be feeling  added pressure to have extra special wedding night of hot steamy sex instead you should just have fun relax and enjoy each other. If you end up consummating the marriage on your wedding night, great! If not, there's a lifetime ahead of you. Enjoy sex on your wedding night, check out Cuban Wedding Night Sex Tips or Cuban Wedding Night Sex Tips for Virgins Both are fun and all give good advise to wedding night jitters.

3.Pack a Bag full of Cuban Goodies

Many Cuban brides waking up Havana after their wedding night only to realize that they have no new clothes and only their wedding dress! Can you imagine? They've got a long and slightly embarrassing walk through the Cuban hotel lobby ahead of them and a hilarious drive home. Be smart and pack a bag of casual clothes, toiletries, some sexy wedding night skimpy but sexy hot lingerie.  Since most wedding dresses require special constrictive foundation garments like long-line bras and girdles, make sure to pack a regular bra as well. Also dont foreget to pack a sexy swimsuit if your Cuban hotel has a pool or hot tub but its still good for the Cuban beaches with your new husband.

4. Don't Drink to Much Rum
Don't drink to much Havana Club Rum and Dont drink and drive in Cuba especially on your wedding night. Best to prepare a limo or a friend to drive you.  A good tip is don't drink too much at the wedding reception because you might get out of hand and not remember anything especially your wedding right. . I know you'd be surprised how many couples don't plan ahead for this but a dangerous wedding night is not a happy romantic wedding night. But also too much Cuban rum mixed with other alcohol can keep you from having the best wedding night sex ever.

5. Have A Good Breakfast!
Breakfast from Your Cuban Honeymoon Suite
It's true that most couples hardly eat at their wedding reception. They're nervous, happy or just too busy talking, laughing and dancing to do anything like sitting down for dinner. On our wedding night, a few friends had thoughtfully packed a bottle of champagne, and a basket with snacks and fruit for the hotel. And our amazing Cuban wedding  on the beach venue was amazing so we had a feast!

Most importantly, make your Cuban beach wedding night a night to remember. Enjoy your party and don't worry about your storybook  wedding so just take your time, enjoy, make memories, Cuba Wedding will be the  best memory of your life.
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Dream Wedding In Varadero Cuba
Most Weddings are nothing like the one you will spend in Cuba. It will be Romantic and so much fun for your families, your wedding guests and most importantly for you and new Husband. You see most wedding ceremonies are a celebration of two lovers romantically joined in marriage whereas there is an adventurous trend towards Weddings in non-traditional parties and customs that vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes. Nowadays wedding ceremonies involve an exchange of wedding vows by the couple, presentation of the rings, flowers, cash and a public celebration of your marriage by a priest. Now is the perfect moment to look at a very special wedding in Cuba that will excite your partner, his family and all your friends with a romantic Honeymoon in Varadero Cuba.

Brides room & Weddings are FREE when booking a minimum 17 guests for 7 nights. Book your Cuba Wedding Package Reservation must be made no less than four weeks prior to departure.  If you have never been married before, all you need is a passport that is valid throughout your stay in Cuba, and a tourist card (included when you buy your holiday). If either the bride or groom has been married before, the below documents must be translated into Spanish and authenticated by the Cuban Consulate in the country where they were issued before travelling: -Notarised copy of Divorce Decree final judgement.

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Cuba weddings are becoming more and more popular not only because of the beauty of Cuba’s beaches and all inclusive wedding resorts, but because of the value you get for your money.  Cuban beach weddings include making reservations for your honeymoon hotel rooms and take care of your destination wedding planning at absolutely no charge if you book your wedding party.

Imagine saying your vows to your love of your life on stunning white sand beach between your toes is enough to make even married couples want to do it all over again so they can dance all night to that sexy Cuban music! Guaranteed the band they have playing at your Cuban wedding resort will be better than anything you ever imagined. Something about Cuban music that makes you fall in love every time you hear it.  Cuba weddings packages will gurantee  you and your guests will have a Cuban Dream Wedding.
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